'my notes while reading 'a Few Words  

the story takes place in D.C Wallace=moved from Samson (small city) to D.C -calm demeanour -he used to be in military-he is 21 years old and he is 6'3 feet had an injury in the war in Nam .absence of the father-experienced some race-biased trauma -experienced a separation with his beloved Maeve -things would have changed if she stayed .no money and broke and he lives in a small apartment life problems forced him to the level of robber Flapjack=known from grade school-all excitement and motion -depicted as a flame in the forest of life he suggested the robbery and he apparently use drugs and an addict
carlene tilen=wallace has the phone number of this person 
robbery takes place at a small closet like store 
Five people, including Leroy, Wallace, and Flapjack, were in the store.
fat lady=

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Assignments for Advanced Writing
Rumor has it that you can't touch baby birds or eggs that have fallen from the nest, or their mother will reject them as tainted by your human smell. While messing with a nest may cause a mother to temporarily flee, this is due to the bird feeling it’s being attacked, not the smell. But even so, birds are limited in their olfactory sense and can't differentiate human from bird. Putting a bird or egg back in the nest will not lead to rejection. In fact, in most cases, it is the yellow part of baby birds’ beak that enables the mother to recognize its babies.
Hope is a promise that cannot be relied on. You only hope for things you do not have. You only have hope when things are bad or you want something. A person who gets his dream job doe

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